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Disruption of electricity as Komen uproots tree at Uttarpara

eziAssist | , Uttarpara-kotrung,  Hooghly

Power Off

Non-stop overnight rain along with wind as Komen makes a landfall as vast areas of Hooghly in West Bengal are under knee deep water. Streets and low land area are heavily affected when local people are confined to their homes. Numbers of Buses and trains are significantly low as compared to other days. Those who have moved outside of their shelters found themselves stuck in roads without vehicles.

However, the people of Netaji Subhas Road, Dhrubesh Chatterjee Lane, parts of Uttarpara Shibtala Street and portions of area of G.T Road adjacent to UCO bank have gone to a standstill without electricty. A big old tree near G.T Road has been uprooted due to the heavy rain and fell on the electrical wires. This made the CESC department take evasive action and swtiched off the power from the entire transformer responsible for the supply of electricity in the entire aforesaid region.

The CESC has confirmed the step was taken to stop more casualties. It is working hard to resume the electricity as soon as possible. 

Those who have planned a rainy day with family and movies and other entertainment in television, open up the window and enjoy the rain with Rabindranath in hand.

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