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Enraged Intern who spat on the coffee of his Bully Boss

eziAssist | , Uttarpara-kotrung,  Hooghly

intern rage on office boss

If you remember the scene from the Kamal Hasan movie, Indian, you should remembered the scene where Goundamani did something similar to Senthil's cup of tea. Well this office Boss has experienced the same pain when he got hold of this "Post It" by one of his interns after the latter was long gone. Let this be a cautionary tale for any office bosses who might be off-handed with their interns. 

With one brutal note, this particular disgruntled intern has had his revenge twice over - first by making a small sticky addition to his former boss' coffee and then by having the lesson go viral all over the Internet.

Just in case that isn't legible, the note says: 

By the time you read this, I'll be long gone from this s***hole. I hope you enjoyed bossing me around. I bet you felt real good about yourself. Well I wonder how you feel now knowing I spat in your coffee every day.

The intern has done more damage to the Boss with the 'note' than he could have done with the coffee. Even if the intern had done nothing, the note would definitely made his Boss give up Coffee for the rest of his life.

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