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The zee bangla dadagiri audition at Uttarpara just ended at SRA club

eziAssist | , Uttarpara-kotrung,  Hooghly

Dadagiri Audition Uttarpara

The queue at the audition for Zee Bangla Dadagiri audition started at 4 AM in the morning at Shibnarayan road. When the SRA club opened their gates for the audition, it was all chaos among the participants. Thanks to the methodical volunteers the audition took place without much problem. The audition started at 10 AM and continued till the last participant.

The participants showed their skills at the audition. They shared their experience with the judges at the auditions. Some of them were so energetic that it took a great effort to actually interupt them so that other participants get chance. The judges showed a great deal of patience and listen to all of them with equal concentration. A few were selected for the next round. The lucky contestants who were selected would be notified by mobile. There will be a next round of audition and then the final selection will take place. The lucky few will get a chance to meet the legend Sourav Ganguly.

It was a great day for the people who gathered at the SRA club for the auditions. When asked about some of their achievements in life, the eyes of the contestants were suddenly glowed with confidence and a hope. No matter how insignificant the achievements were to the world, for them those moments were special. It was the time they felt the hero inside them. That feeling has made the most insignificant little thing, a very very special moments.

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