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Why SBI wants us to beg for our own money

eziAssist | , Uttarpara-kotrung,  Hooghly

premature payment form of SBI Uttarpara

The largest government bank in India, State Bank of India, wants us to beg to them to withdraw our own money. This shocking procedure is currently active in Uttarpara branch as per our knowledge and no one has come forward to stop this nonsense. In the premature closure of account form the first line is a tight slap to all the customers of the said bank.

The word "beg" is a defamatory term in any condition and even if you put it with the wrapper "Respectfully". Why would a customer who put his hard earned money in to a government bank and has to Beg to withdraw it. Now if the first line is something we found disturbing the last sentence of the application form is just humiliating. The SBI Uttarpara branch wants the application of its customers to be treated as "Prayer" as if they are the God or some kind of messiah.

Many English classes teach to use the word "beg"/ "Pray" when asking for permission or stating some facts which might differ from the actual idea of a person who is in a superior position. In such cases, the use of the word "beg" sounds polite and actually tells the nature of the person. But why in a business agreement, where the customers are supposed to be in the superior position, the bank itself wants its customers to beg for their money. This is ridiculous and should be stopped immediately.

Should we Pray or Beg ?

The answer is a Loud "NO". We will not beg or pray to get our own hard earned money which we put in Banks. Banks have just no right to treat its customers like this. The quicker they understand the better.

What it should be ? 

We would like to instruct you that ..... this should be the ideal line in the form that is in question. The customer should be in a position to instruct the bank what to do with his/her money.


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