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Just once take All India Bakchod (AIB) seriously and vote for NetNeutrality now

eziAssist | ,  Hooghly

Expirednet neutrality


What the f**k is net neutrality ?

The answer is simple you do not want some telecom companies dictate on what you see and surf on internet. That is the "Neutrality" factor of Internet. The internet provider compnay has nothing to do on what you surf or download with the internet plan you paid to get.

Great That sounds very easy to understand. #$@&^!!  (Read we had no clue) Can you please explain with example ?

Absolutely..$ %&& %  (Read You moron!) Suppose you paid Rs.100 for an internet pack from "AirFel". Now when you want to open Facebook in it they say "Sir. You have to pay an extra Rs.50".  Now you tried to open youtube they humbly show you a "Access failure" message and asking Rs.100 for it. Now you try to check eziassist to get some updates on your city they again ask Rs.30 for this. What the f*************K? Now suppose you paid Rs.100 for youtube and then you experience that the video download speed is too slow. You go for the customer care of "AirFel" and after some bla bla bla they say your Rs.100 is for default speed. You need to pay another Rs.200 for speedy download.

Are you ok with this? We are not and people are getting united to stand against this "Dadagiri" of TRAI and the telecom companies.

How you can STOP this?

Go to "savetheinternet" and vote for the #netneutrality. Tell every friends of yours to vote for NetNeutrality. Each and every vote counts.

Why it has detrimental effect in many years to come?

On a serious note, if we do not stop this now, we might be having a chain of ill effects which may criple our drive to better India.
Big multinational companies like facebook, twitter, flipkart will pay the telecom companies a hefty sum so that the websites of this companies will be free to access from anywhere.
Now suppose you or one of your friends / brothers/ sisters / sons / daughters having a lot of potential has developed a great social networking site or a better e-commerce website than facebook or flipkart.
But with telecom companies dictating on what you see or surf on internet those new websites will never get to compete with the giants. We lose any hope of getting a great website and a made in India product.     

It is time to stand up against TRAI and raise our voice for NetNeutrality.

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