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Link your LPG connection with Aadhaar card now before it is too late

eziAssist | ,  Hooghly

Expiredlpg connection with aadhaar


The first cut off date to link your Aadhaar card with your LPG connection and thus enabling the government to ensure the subsidy on the cylinders reach actual beneficiary has come to an end on 1 st Jan, 2015. Unfortunately, there are quite a number of consumers who have missed the deadline. There is still chance for them as the PAHAL scheme can be availed till May 15th 2015 with some restrictions.

How much time do I have to Register ? 

The scheme has been named PAHAL. The customers who are unable or unwilling to register themselves for the scheme before February 14th 2015, will receive cooking gas at subsidised price only till February 14th 2015. For the next three months, they have the chance to register themselves to avail subsidy. They will receive LPG at market price and will be reimbursed the subsidy if they register themselves before May 15th 2015. If you don’t register yourself by May 15th 2015, you will become ineligible for receiving the subsidy amount in your bank account.

Why is the government pushing for direct transfer of subsidies?

  1. There are many types of scams that take place in the sale of LPG. For example: A household has an allocation of 12 cylinders. But not all houses need 12 cylinders per year. Some vested interests who are aware of the consumption patterns, oftentimes the gas agencies themselves, book cylinders in the customer’s name and sell it to commercial ventures such as hotels. Customer is not aware of this transaction and it does not affect him too. In this transaction, the Government becomes the loser, as the government provides subsidy for these cylinders. Those who sell it benefit twice, by getting the subsidy as well as the extra profit that they get by selling it at a higher price. This money is unaccounted, and just adds to the black money existing in the country.
  2. There are customers who have multiple connections in their houses and indulge in black marketing of LPG.
  3. There is a possibility of fake LPG connections too, that are obtained by providing fake address etc. This system tries to make sure the subsidy goes to only to genuine customers.

How to become eligible for subsidy transfer?

First and foremost, you need to have the LPG connection in your name. If it is in the name of any other family member, then they have to follow the below steps—not you. You, or the one who has LPG connection, should also have a bank account in your/his/her own name. If not, then hurry up now and get a bank account as soon as possible.

I have already linked my Aadhaar card to bank account and LPG account. Do I need to re-apply?

Check whether your LPG connection is Aadhaar-enabled and eligible for cash transfer of subsidy. You can do this by logging on to mylpg.in, choosing your LPG distributor and by clicking on the option ‘Check DBTL(CTC) status’. This option is available on all LPG service providers’ websites.

Therefore, map your Aadhaar card and bank account with the LPG connection to avail direct benefits into your own account. Make sure you do it within 15 th Feb , 2015 else you may be sorry for your lack of awareness.

Download Aadhaar from this link: click here to download LPG - Aadhaar linking form

# Opinion and information - Help from citizenmatters.in

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