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Stay Focused when booking your LPG by IVRS. You might be tricked.

eziAssist | ,  Hooghly

ExpiredLPG Giveup controversy


Give Up LPG Subsidy, are the oil companies playing a dirty trick ? This is the biggest question that hovers through all the consumers of LPG.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s #GiveItUp movement is a nation building initiative for LPG expansion in rural areas. The initiative promises a cleaner and healthier environment. Domestic LPG is heavily subsidized by the Government of India, this initiative is nothing but a personal contribution towards nation-building. But many people are being forced into surrendering up their LPG subsidy! How ?

Consumers are being misguided by the interactive response system. Many Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) consumers gave up on their LPG subsidy due to the confusing interactive voice response technology while booking their cylinders.

When consumers try to connect to book their LPG cylinder, they are directed to the interactive voice response system. They receive a message on the phone, asking them if they are capable to give up and surrender their subsidy to the poor they need to press the button 0. Those who wish to refill need to press the button ’1′. Confusion arises when on pressing 1 for the refill, the interactive voice response sometimes fails to respond, people dial ’0′ which automatically leads to the cancellation of their subsidy. People come to know about the cancellation when the amount is credited to the bank account.

Now what would happen once you want to get your subsidy back. In come the tedious process of "who blinks first" syndrome. You need to visit many a goverment offices to get it back and God knows how many times. But the officials of IOCL gave assurance that the consumer should immediately let the distributor know and the distributor will inform the IOCL, who will revoke the subsidy.

In such a confusing situation why don't they confirm the give up subsidy request after the consumer presses 0. They can either call or send an email to confirm the wish. Well, the good news is they have changed their process and thankfully now  you won't lose your subsidy by mistakenly pressing a 0 at the time of booking the LPG.

But, to be on the safer side, please be very very cautious at the time of booking your LPG. You never know when one wrong button press would take away your LPG subsidy.

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